ABA Degree Programs

Educational Benefit Cohort Program

Meeting the Behavioral Needs of our Youth and Adults

The program is designed to support the advanced education of eligible Little City employees who are expected to continue employment with Little City for a period of time that would  justify such an investment, and participation is mutually beneficial to both Little City and the employee. The program would cover the full tuition cost for the employee to earn a Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Behavior Analysis. There is some cost to the employee that would include the price of books and application fees.

Board Certified Behavioral Analysts continue to be in high demand across the country. Highly skilled, well trained BCBA’s with a devotion to helping individuals with special needs fill a vital role in society. Becoming a BCBA is a noble calling which brings many challenges including finding the funding to pay for advanced education.

Award and Work Commitment:
The educational funds provided by this program are paid directly to Northern Illinois University. Recipients must sign a contract agreeing to a 2 year work commitment with Little City upon completion of the educational requirements and awarded a degree. Upon completion of the program, the employee would be awarded a Masters in Special Education (M.S.Ed.) with a specialization in Behavior Analysis.


> Begins in Fall (late August) 2021 and concludes in Spring 2023
> Classes will primarily be held at Little City’s Executive Offices:
1610 Colonial Parkway, Inverness

 Submit to Denise Wallace at [email protected] or mail/drop off to Denise at 1610 Colonial Parkway, Inverness IL 60067


>Be a current full time Little City employee.
> Have completed 12 months of continuous employment with Little City.
> Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
> Current Performance Evaluation Rating must meet or exceed expectations.
> Have no formal disciplinary or corrective actions with Little City within the past 18 months.
> Applicants must be willing to sign a work commitment agreement equal to two (2) years,
following the completion of the degree course(s).

Application Requirements

To be considered, applicants must submit the following items:
> Complete application form.
> Most recent college transcript with a cumulative GPA of 3.0


Selection Process

The Selection Committee is composed of representatives from Little City program leadership and Northern Illinois University. Once Little City notifies you that you have been selected for the cohort you will apply for admission into the graduate school of Special and Early Education at NIU.
The Selection Committee will evaluate and select recipients based on:

• Eligibility
• Completeness of Application
• Completeness of Application

• Quality of Essay
• Letters of Recommendation
• Little City Work History, to include past work performance
• Funding

All applicants will be notified of the final decision.

For more information, contact:
Denise Wallace, Talent Management & Development Facilitator
Office: 847-221-7821
[email protected]