The 2020 Little City Annual Report is Here!

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the hero within us is revealed.” -Bob Riley

Shawn Jeffers

Shawn Jeffers

Executive Director

Lianne Paterson

Lianne Paterson

Little City Board President

To our friends and family,

As you know, 2020 was a year unlike any other. A global pandemic changed the way we live, forcing people to be physically apart from one another like never before. A year of unrest — both social and political — drove people apart from each other in other ways.

But while these forces of division were at work, Little City was working toward coming together. Determination, innovation and most importantly unification, turned a year of challenges into a year of successes. The stories in this annual report will give you just a glimpse of how people rose to new heights, supported each other and achieved goals despite the unprecedented obstacles. Some people thrived in their first-ever community job despite temporary closures of many businesses. Others took a step toward graduation and a transition to adult services as they learned remotely.

And then there were those whose ordinary phone calls to friends had extraordinary power to keep a community connected. While 2020 had many wanting a return to “normal,” it inspired those at Little City to take a step toward “better.” Our programs collaborated closer than ever to create innovative solutions and achieve unexpected growth. The ChildBridge Center for Education,  residential staff and behavioral analysts worked closer than ever to achieve a seamless and united approach to each child’s learning experience. Remote learning led school and home staff to work hand-in-hand, leading to impressive skill development at a faster rate for many of the children.

Adult services came together to keep residents connected in unique ways. Whether it was virtual Zumba classes from the Fitness & Recreation program or staff and volunteer-led virtual game nights to keep families and friends connected, there was no shortage of outlets for those at Little City to stay engaged physically, socially and emotionally during a time of isolation and uncertainty.

Little City proved how special it truly is in 2020 and was another example that this community has no borders or barriers. The success, as always, relied on all those who believe in Little City’s mission. Community groups sewed face masks for our staff and residents. When annual events like the Gala were canceled, donors doubled down and gave even more. Volunteers took the time to Zoom with residents and stay connected. Everywhere you looked at Little City, there was inspiration and reminders of the perseverance and determination that people with developmental disabilities display. They remind us every day of the strength of the human spirit and the power of positivity in the face of a challenge.

In a situation where it would have been easy for those at Little City to just get by, people lifted each other up so they could fly. And now we soar into 2021, knowing we can still create hope, change lives and challenge all limits regardless of what stands in the way. Thank you for making all of this possible year after year. You are our heroes

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