Students with disabilities need your help to learn, grow, and thrive!

Athletes are rallying together for the upcoming Games!  

It has been a year of change for Little City athletes as they welcomed a new coach in the fall, said goodbye to longtime teammates and learned to adapt. But that wave of change brought out the best in so many of our athletes.

Jimmy has been a longtime Special Olympics athlete, medaling in everything from powerlifting to basketball and track and field in his many years of competition. When the new coach came on board, Jimmy was the first to step up and lead. 

“Jimmy is one of those guys where if I am doing something different from how they do things, he’ll let me know and show me what to do. And he leads by example,” said Michael Cusick, Assistant Director of Recreation & Fitness.

And when state champion powerlifter Kevin moved to a new state this year, it was Simone who helped fill that void. She and all the women on the team have emerged as the rallying point to make up for Kevin’s big absence.   

“We have three women on the powerlifting team and the level of support they give each other and the enthusiasm they bring to this usually male-dominated sport has brought the whole team together,” Michael said. 

And several of our athletes have already qualified for the Summer Games! 

“Everyone loves going to the Summer Games and wants to make it there, but I don’t want to put that pressure on them,” Michael said. “We just talk about the next competition and doing our best.” 

And that’s why your support of our athletes is so important because they deserve these opportunities all year long – to compete, to challenge themselves, to achieve, and to explore new passions in their lives!