Students with disabilities need your help to learn, grow, and thrive!

At the heart of Little City’s mission is the method to enable children and adults with disabilities to reach their unique potential by exploring creatively.

The arts are a limitless landscape for expression, feeling, and emotion to take shape for individuals with autism and other disabilities. 

And for decades, Little City’s Center for the Arts has been that place for hundreds of individuals with disabilities to expand and grow their skills & abilities and allow them to express themselves beyond what was previously known.

But exploring creatively has no end . . . and that’s why we’re asking for your generous support today to help this expressive and empowering program to continue to expand and always provide the unlimited landscape of the arts to individuals with disabilities to reach their unique potential.

Thank you for your significant support of Little City’s Center for the Arts!

Meet Our Featured Artists!

$250 helps provide daily supplies for Little City artists!

$500 provides an artist with the tools to expand their portfolio!

$1,000 helps the CFA provide new mediums and art experiences!

$2,500 becomes a pillar in supporting the expansion of the Center for the Arts!