Students with disabilities need your help to learn, grow, and thrive!

This is the exciting time of year when students of all ages start to return to their classrooms to learn, grow and thrive. But for children with developmental disabilities, it is the most vital period in their lives.

It is the time for these students to challenge their limits, to be provided with personalized therapies and intervention services to address each unique educational need, and to focus on life skills that will most directly affect them.

The ChildBridge Center for Education is home to students with some of the most intensive needs because of their profound disabilities . . . and the reality is that it can cost roughly $80,000 per year to support one student.

It is through your generous support today that this life-changing education program can be provided to the students who need it most . . . helping them grow in their independence and prepare for adulthood.

Thank you for giving generously to help students like Luke thrive this school year!

Luke learning using a visual aid