Support from donors just like you has always been the catalyst in the growth of our students over the years, but it is your generosity today – on the first day of school – that will help create more success for more students in the school year ahead!


Please give a gift today to equip students with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the essentials so they find success this school year!


It is only through your support that our students are able to begin to reach their unique potential. Thank you for your partnership and commitment to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities!

$50 helps provide art material for our
students to express
their creative outlets during class.

$250 provides transportation to a weekly
community-integrated outing –
enabling students to gain real-world experience.

$500 will help provide a new technology
device to broaden and advance
communication for a new student.

$2,500 to help sponsor a student during this school year –
creating an opportunity for one individual
to reach and far exceed their unique potential!