Learning Never Stops


The Challenges with COVID-19

Because of the COVID pandemic, Little City was forced to close the ChildBridge Center for Education in March. During that time, staff did all they could to meet the difficult challenge of teaching students with autism and developmental disabilities through remote learning. Now that the school’s 36 students returned in August for in-person learning, a new set of challenges must be overcome.

“Imagine going from spending time in eight different classrooms a day, having lunch with friends and going out into the community to spending six-and-a-half hours a day in the same room, mostly with the same people you live with and only a couple tables and a cabinet,” said Jessica Kingji, school administrator. “That would be a difficult change for anyone and it is especially difficult for students with developmental disabilities.”

With health and safety as the top priority in welcoming students back, students have been grouped in small social pods where they are limited to the same classroom with the same classmates each day. That means a curriculum built on socialization, hands-on experiences and variety has been reduced.

But with your help, the ChildBridge Center for Education can bring dynamic learning experiences back to students. Your support will allow Little City to implement a safe and comprehensive in-person education which is vital to our students learning.

Whether it is adding more SmartBoards so classrooms can connect with each other and interact or acquiring supplies needed to simulate the community outings that would happen up to three times a week in a normal school year — your help is needed so the school can adapt to learning in the time of COVID.

“Many of our students are hands-on learners and no technology is better at accomplishing that than a SmartBoard,” said school principal Phil Siegel. “We want to do everything we can to create the most engaging and stimulating environment … and that means being creative and flexible with our space.”

The challenge of keeping up with all of the health and sanitation supplies to keep students and staff safe throughout the year will also be an added challenge for the school.

With your Help

The ChildBridge Center for Education will be able to provide the tools and experiences students need to develop crucial life skills and take steps toward a more independent and fulfilling life. No donation is too small to make a difference and help a student with developmental disabilities overcome the challenges and changes posed by the COVID pandemic to stay on track with their educational and personal growth. A gift of $50 will help purchase needed school supplies for a student, and $100 will help add new technology for learning at the school. Every dollar will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those served at Little City.