Honoring the Legacy of Charles Evans Gerber

Help us change the lives of children with disabilities, just like Charles Evans Gerber did during his lifetime. 


We are honored that a new children’s home—designed for children with autism—will be built in tribute to Charles: the Charles Evans Gerber Home. But we need your help to make this a reality.

Your gift today will change the lives of eight other children just like Tommy.

Tommy lived in the Duffey Family Children’s Village virtually since it opened. This has made him one of the first examples of how these state-of-the-art homes have a profound impact on children with autism who spend years in homes built for them. Now at the age of transition to adult services, Tommy has developed the independence needed to take the next step. He now lives in a Community Integrated Living Arrangement, thanks to his years of growth in the Duffey Family Children’s Village.

“My husband and I were very nervous about it at first because Tommy hadn’t spent one single night without one of us being present, but the Little City team did so great transitioning from home to Larry’s home, it was absolutely seamless,” said Mary Carol, Tommy’s mom. “They work so much on taking care of how to clean your room, how to make your bed, how to dress yourself, and also doing things in the kitchen like helping clean up, setting the table for dinner and all these things really helped him move on to the next step. Now Tommy is in an adult CILA, and all the things he worked on at Larry’s has helped him where he is at today. It’s a wonderful place, I’m so proud of it.”

When you give to help us build this home in honor of Charles, you are helping change the future of eight children like Tommy.

This home, made possible because of an incredible donation from the Charles Evans Gerber Endowment, will have a lasting impact on children thanks to Charles’s legacy. It is an enduring remembrance that will allow children with disabilities to live and flourish at a place that Charles loved and cherished.

We know how proud Charles would be to see the impact his involvement at Little City continues to provide. It is our hope that you too will honor Charles’s legacy and consider making a meaningful donation in his memory. Your gift towards the Charles Evans Gerber Home will make a remarkable difference for children for years to come.

A message from the Gerber Family + Shawn Jeffers

It’s hard to believe that this October 6th marks the 23rd anniversary of Charles Evans Gerber’s passing. But on this occasion we have exciting news to share with you.

We will be breaking ground on the Charles Evans Gerber Home which will provide a safe and nurturing environment for children with disabilities at Little City Foundation. We would like to invite you to participate in the building of this home which will enable Little City to further its mission of providing an environment that allows children with differences to prosper. We hope that you will join the Gerber Family and Little City next year to dedicate the home in his honor.

We miss Charles deeply, and while it is unbelievable that 23 years have already passed, his legacy lives on through his family, friends, colleagues and all those who had the privilege of knowing him. Charles was actively involved in Little City, an agency founded in 1959 that provides the highest quality services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Little City was near and dear to Charles’s heart. Charles served on the Board of Directors beginning in 1980 until his death in 1998.

Charles and his wife Susan were active in Little City’s fundraising groups as members of Little City’s Helping Hands in the early 1970s organizing Vegas Night, Lox Box Sales and more. For years Susan and Charles brought their children to Little City where they enjoyed engaging in arts, crafts and games with the residents—enabling them to live a life of inclusion and respect. And through these special experiences, the Gerbers instilled in their children an empathy and understanding for children with differences.

Shortly after his death, Charles’s family joined the Board and dedicated themselves to furthering Little City’s mission and Charles’s commitment to Little City.

By establishing the Charles Evans Gerber Endowment, Charles ensured a bright future for generations of children and adults at Little City. This endowment has continued to grow through the annual contributions of friends, family, clients and donors committed to helping those with differences. And now we will be able to build a permanent brick and mortar legacy with your help and continue to pay tribute to Charles’s legacy for many, many years to come.

With our deep appreciation,
Shawn Jeffers, Little City Executive Director
Marshall Gerber
Dana Poncher