People with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve support to live their fullest, most successful lives.

Since 1959, we have presented people with an opportunity to join a community in which they get to serve people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities in compassionate ways through disability support jobs. This opportunity guides our hiring process. We look for people who value compassion, experience and teamwork so that they can best serve the intellectual disability and developmental disability populations. Here are some reasons you should consider a disability support job at Little City.

Why a nonprofit job in disability services?

Recent estimates from the CDC show that about one in six children aged three to 17 years have one or more developmental disabilities. These disabilities are due to issues regarding physical, learning, language or behavior areas that begin during the developmental period. As these young people age, they will require individualized, empathetic care to thrive in life. The need is great, as are the opportunities to do meaningful work. That’s why we need compassionate people to join the cause and consider a nonprofit, disability support job supporting people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities. 

Why a disability support job at Little City?

Teamwork makes the dream work

We believe making a difference only happens when we work as a team, so we facilitate an organizational culture of care, support and togetherness. This is both for the people we serve and the people we work with. We won’t lie: this work isn’t always easy. We serve people who have a wide variety of disabilities, which requires patience, compassion and a determination to care for them well. But if you have these traits, we would love to have you on our team.

We invest in you 

We also believe that investing in our team is important, and if you work here, we provide opportunities to learn new skills and grow in your career. From certifications to opportunities to trying new career paths, we want you to explore new ways to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Not to mention, we offer higher wages than similar organizations and generous PTO. 

Who is Little City?

We were established by a group of parents who dreamed of a supportive environment for their children with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities. Many experts at the time said these children should be institutionalized, but instead these parents helped lay the foundation for a community of comprehensive services for their kids, inspired by a strong mission and common purpose.

Our mission is “to serve children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing the best options and opportunities to live safely, learn continuously, explore creatively and work productively throughout their lifetime. By inspiring, advocating and pursuing success with passion and purpose, lives are changed through hope, happiness, and optimism.”

Today, our organization includes a 56-acre campus in Palatine, Illinois where the people we serve can take advantage of housing, programming and educational opportunities, as well as a foster care placement office in Chicago. We have over 450 staff members with a wide range of degrees, backgrounds and passions, and they all contribute to a greater culture of care that informs everything we do to provide meaningful support.

At Little City, experienced professionals and new recruits alike have a unique chance to serve a population in need of care. We are passionate about our mission and bringing new team members into the fold. 

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