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Harold Jeffries

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Harold’s imagery and working methods are an outgrowth of his personal passion and inner world. Nearly every piece he creates has a gridwork of lines, forming squares, rectangles, circles and other forms which resemble a vast blueprint. These are part of his lifelong passion to create blueprinted plans for Heaven. This project has no beginning, middle or end. The portion of the plans that Jeffries draws at any one time simply reflects his thoughts at that moment. The technique of layering, is another hallmark of Jeffries’ art, which results in images that appear to be abstract. Jeffries will sometimes layer additional media over his original blueprint drawings, obscuring the original blueprint in one spot, reemphasizing it in another, and drawing new plans on top of it in another place.

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John King

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John has been working in the Center for the Arts since the inception of the Studio Art program. In the intervening years he has produced a substantial body of work. Nothing is left untouched as John explores the studio in search of materials and inspiration for his sculptures, drawings, prints and paintings. In 2-dimensional media he is known for his renditions of happy people. Simplified bodies and big smiles form the basis of his style. No matter what they are engaged in, John’s happy people are instantly recognizable as being his. This is entirely fitting to those who know him, for there is no one on Earth who is happier than John. His vibrant personality is reflected throughout his work, in the objects he uses, characters he creates and the resulting narratives.

Luke Tauber

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Luke’s artistic output has, for the last several years, closely reflected a short list of his personal obsessions. He continues to work on a series of projects about classical composers, the artist’s deceased family members and Western funeral practices. Luke works in a variety of media including sculpture, painting, drawing, artist books, sound, digital photography and video. He completed one-man installations at the Flaxman Library at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and at Dittmar Gallery at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.