For decades, Abe Bohrer has been one of Little City’s staunchest supporters. From his generous gifts to the Duffey Family Children’s Village so children with disabilities could have the same opportunities his own son had, to his nearly $3 million estate gift so Little City could grow and reach more families, Abe and his wife Judy have led the way in giving at Little City. 

That is why Little City is proud to announce the legacy giving program Heritage Society will now be known as the Abraham & Judith Bohrer Heritage Society. This special program reflects Abe and Judy’s giving spirit and commitment to helping future Little City families.

 “It was only fitting to name the Heritage Society giving program after Abe and Judy who have built and continue to build such an incredible legacy at Little City,” said Executive Director Shawn Jeffers. “Little City would look much different without the Bohrer family’s generosity and we hope their story will inspire other families to build their own legacy.” 

Abe’s deep love for Little City started after he had a poor experience with a previous agency he tried for his son Mitchell. Abe quickly realized the agency was moving away from people with certain developmental disabilities and not providing the promised opportunities. Abe then found Little City, which was still in its early stages when he came and saw a perfect opportunity to work with other families to build a place they envisioned for their children to thrive. 

“These families at Little City are regular, hard-working people that need support. I was lucky I could afford as much as I could. I want people to see that Little City is worth supporting,” Abe said. 

The Abraham & Judith Bohrer Heritage Society is an opportunity for families to consider leaving a legacy or estate gift to benefit Little City and the 1,100 people with developmental disabilities it serves. With more than 40 families signed up for the program, it has become an integral part to Little City’s future growth and a great benefit to future families who will need Little City’s services.

 While it is a big decision for families, Abe said it is a rewarding experience for any family who can leave such a meaningful gift for the next generation of Little City families

. “My only advice would be don’t hold back,” Abe said. “If you can make a donation, you know Little City will do a great job with it. So don’t hold back.”