Little City’s Center for Family & Community-Based Services aims to preserve families and strengthen relationships. We provide goal-oriented, person-centered services in a community setting with in-home supports to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families.


For the past thirty years, we have served the greater Chicago community  to empower individuals and their families to reach their fullest potential at home and in their communities through development of essential daily living skills and fostering friendships through social opportunities.

The program empowers families providing them with the skills they need to effectively meet the needs of their family member. Services are consistent with current best-practice models with the goal of maintaining individuals in their respective communities while increasing their competency in all areas of functioning. Since 1989, Little City’s Home Based program has helped countless families better understand the state system and maximize on the benefits that they deserve. The Home Based program continuously grows and expands in the direction of our family’s needs.


Little City offers home-based supports, community integration support, transportation, service facilitation, personal support, counseling and training for non-paid caregivers, and behavior intervention and treatment.