Explore the Impact You Made in 2020

Thank you for creating hope and happiness for people with disabilities!

We’re grateful for your
support in 2020.

Your support is the reason the people in our care are exceeding expectations and reaching their unique potential. It is because of your compassion that each of them are living safely, learning continuously, exploring creatively, and working productively throughout their lifetime.


individuals in our programs and services each day!

hours of home-based supports, including a shift to virtual programming.

hours of virtual classes at the Center for Education, enabling learning to continue.

community homes to keep our adults safe.

children have safe homes in our residential program.

hours of recreational classes, ensuring all our participants are engaged in healthy, enriching activities.

Success despite Strife

Your support has created a vibrant community offering a comprehensive scope of services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. And 2020 was no exception to what you’ve done. Despite the challenges, hope was created, lives were changed, and limits were challenged . . . all because of you.

But only through your ongoing support today can we continue to close the gap in funding and reach all those in need. So please give today to begin changing more lives and help many more reach their unique potential.


“Simone’s desire for achievement, yearning for connection and devotion to work serve as the foundation of a truly extraordinary person.” -Casey Burke
You’ve made such a difference

The impact on Gregory

“Everyone in the house really takes to him and is fond of him. If we keep working on his skill acquisition, he has the personality to be independent.” -Lisa Gray