One of Little City’s earliest supporters reached a major milestone in October as he celebrated his 100th birthday. Abe Bohrer, whose son Mitchell lived at Little City for nearly 60 years, marked the incredible occasion with family and friends from Little City, mayor Barry Bass of his hometown Lincolnwood and even FOX and ABC Chicago News.

Dozens of cars, motorcycles, fire trucks and police cars drove by Abe’s house in a birthday parade to congratulate him on his 100th birthday and thank him for his lifetime of service.

Abe has long been a champion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. From his influential gifts in helping launch the Duffey Family Children’s Village to the support he has shown year after year to help his son Mitchell and all who rely on Little City. And on his 99th birthday last year he donated property valued at nearly $3 million to the organization.

But Abe’s selflessness extends far beyond Little City. Abe was also recognized for his service in the Army during World War II where he landed on Normandy, served in five locations and earned numerous medals for his valor.


“Abe is truly one of a kind and celebrating him on his 100th birthday is the least we could do after all he has done for us,” said Shawn Jeffers, Little City Executive Director. “He’s a hero to this country, to Little City and to his community. We are blessed to have him as part of our
Little City family.”

And even at 100, Abe’s passion for giving has not stopped. Abe’s wife Judy said not a day goes by where she and Abe are not looking for a way to help a person or organization who could use it.

“Every day my husband suggests to me a charity we need to give to, and I sit down and I write a check,” said his wife Judy Bohrer. “Everyday.”