Meet Jalen G., the resident superhero at the ChildBridge Center for Education.

Jalen first came to the ChildBridge Center when he was entering 9th grade, and now as he nears his 20th birthday, he has turned into one of the school’s biggest role models. In a year with plenty of change at the school to keep students safe during the ongoing COVID pandemic, Jalen has set an example of how to adapt and thrive under new routines.

“We have a saying that goes ‘Have no fear Jalen G. is here, he will keep our school safe!’” said Jessica Kingji, school administrator. “He takes such pride in it. His classmates feel comforted and safe just by being by him.”

As a big fan of Batman, Jalen enjoys doing what he can to be a hero. Whether it is helping another student de-escalate and calm down or sharing his creations in cooking class with staff, Jalen enjoys bringing smiles to everyone.

He is also one of the most verbal students in the school and has taken a strong interest in computers that has helped him develop both life-skills vocational skills. School principal Phil Siegel said Jalen has shown so much proficiency with computers that the school plans to introduce him to a program that teaches basic coding through interacting with visual elements.

“One of the things when it comes to learning language is expanding the base and with his strong interest in computers we can use that to our advantage,” Phil said. “He is learning a language with this completely visual program where he can move blocks to learn a language. It could give him a great job skill.”

For now, Jalen is happy to be the hero of the ChildBridge Center, but as he prepares for a transition to adult programming, those who have seen him grow know the sky is the limit!