Check Out Little City’s Newest Program:

Photography Club!

A new program at Little City’s Countryside Center is helping participants capture the world through their lens. The Photography Club at Countryside Center first started in November after parent volunteer Paul Ivaska wanted to share his talents with those at the Center. He has opened a whole new world of creativity and skill development for the participants, teaching them the basics of photography, editing and even some basic composition in programs like Photoshop. They have already learned how to make photography lanyards and business cards!

“You can see how much this means to them when they take a picture and have it printed out. They’ll carry it in their pocket all day and are proud of what they did,” Paul said. “Helping them have that sense of accomplishment is great.”

The club has been a hit with a regular class of 10 participants meeting and learning to use digital cameras. The club is also looking for guest speakers and presenters. Any friends or supporters with a passion for photography can contact Tim Gavin a [email protected] to learn more!