Amanda Kallas – Lion


Watercolor pencil on paper.
14″ x 11″

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Amanda Kallas’ “Lion” is watercolor pencil on paper.

About the Artist: Amanda Kallas

Amanda KAmanda Kallas has worked in the Center for the Arts studios for nearly a decade.  She loves the natural world, and when working favors flowers and animals as subject matter.  Often, especially when working with animals, she will begin with a photograph.  Once this image is passed through the prism of her personal style however, it is difficult to recognize the original image as its source.

Amanda also creates purely abstract compositions.  Bold and geometric, these pictures feature strong lines and rich colors.  Representational or abstract, these are hallmarks of her style.  She favors a bold palette, often divided on the page into areas bounded by muscular black lines, lending her work the feel of stained glass.  She has an innate talent for color placement and composition arrangement.  Her surfaces are meticulously blended and methodically assembled, with the most sumptuous results occurring when she layers media, such as oil pastel over marker or ink.

Amanda is much beloved by her peers.  Her laughter may be heard ringing through the studio whenever she is there, and once having heard her laughter you have no choice but to join in.  Amanda combined her striking artwork and infectious laugh in the short animated video entitled Amanda‚Äôs House.  This was created in the Center for the Arts Media Lab, where she has also created many still images.


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Dimensions 12 × 16 in


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