Angelo LaPietra – Untitled 103


Watercolor, marker, paint marker on paper.
11″ x 14″

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Angelo LaPietra’s Untitled 103 is watercolor, marker and paint marker on paper.


Angelo LaPietra is drawn to the idea of enclosures. He can often be found in the art studio weaving yarn and thread onto large structures, creating enclosures within and around the original forms that he started with. When he draws or paints, his designs often involve concentrically stacked rectangles, bands of color and design wrapping up a central field like a Madonna in her garden. He has the ability to create intriguing, intricate designs that are very expressive.
Angelo has been a productive artist working out of the Center for the Arts studios for many years. All those who work alongside him look forward to his arrival as his smile and rosy outlook on life provide a welcome respite from the cares of the day. Angelo has taken part in numerous exhibitions and his work is in many public and private collections.


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