Bob Shaw – Green Blue


Acrylic, oil pastel on paper.
19″ x 24″

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Bob Shaw’s “Green Blue” is acrylic and oil pastel on paper

About the Artist: Bob Shaw

Bob Shaw is a man with a great deal of patience and a high degree of focus. As an artist this enables him to create works that are teeming with precisely drawn whimsical figures. The gatherings of humanity which he depicts resemble aerial views of Grant Park during a festival, but Bob Shaw’s people are usually engaged in much more prosaic activities. Typically they are washing cars, as the words “Car Wash,” or “Hot Wax” sprinkled around the page would indicate. Sometimes Bob will fill the surface with a wonderfully complex texture, representing things like water, sand or concrete. These labor-intensive motifs may take weeks to complete, and take Bob’s work into places that few other artists could go. Bob is also apt to create artwork in series. Sunken ships, his family, and airports have all supplied themes for a series of paintings. Besides his artwork, Bob also enjoys sewing, the color blue, and airplanes.

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Dimensions 24 × 36 in


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