Acrylic, paint marker on canvas.
16″ x 20″


Christina Tellez has been a mainstay in both the main studio of the Center for the Arts and the pottery studio for many years now. In the pottery studio, she loves to glaze the vessels she has created, as well as other items like garden ornaments and small sculptures. She is especially keen on decorating tiles which are installed on the walls of kitchens or bathrooms, or used individually as coasters or trivets. She has developed several motifs for the decoration of tiles, including flowers, smiling faces, and a field of circles, all executed in her signature style. Hundreds of Christina’s beautiful tiles are now installed into the many homes and public buildings all over Little City’s campus.

Christina’s work in the main studio has evolved in recent years, becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. From the beginning, her work has displayed a finely tuned palette and an intuitive grasp of sound compositional practices. As time went by however, she showed much more patience, and a willingness to layer media. Her mature works are now typically executed in six or more different media and may have taken weeks to finish. The results are very rich in feeling and very beautiful.

Christina lives with her family in the suburbs of Chicago. She looks forward to traveling to Mexico each year where she visits family and mines a rich source of inspiration for her artwork.