Nathan Patterson – Untitled 14


Crayon, acrylic on paper.
19 1/2″ x 25 1/2″

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Nathan Patterson’s Untitled 14 is crayon, acrylic on paper.


Center for the Arts Nathan PattersonNathan Patterson has embraced his work as an artist with the same gusto that he shows for life. He is anxious to work from the moment he arrives in the studio in the morning. He will immediately gather his materials and begin drawing. His passion is evident as he pours everything he has into the drawing process. He seems to draw with his whole body and not just his hands, rocking back and forth with each stroke. Not wasting any of the time he spends in the studio, he’ll continue in this manner until each work is completed, only occasionally rising to dance if a particularly good song comes on.

The manipulation of color seems to be at the forefront of Patterson’s artistic concerns. Often beginning with wax crayons, he’ll fill the page with quick, broad strokes that take the drawing instrument as close to the edge as he dares to go while still keeping up the rhythm of his action. Patterson then continues this process by layering various shades of color until the page is full and the right hues have been achieved. At this point one or more washes of watercolor may be applied, seeping in and around the crayon marks and creating a richer surface.

When beginning with acrylics it is a different process. In this case Patterson likes to work one or two shades of acrylic into a thick raised texture that completely covers the page. After drying he scrapes and tears the paint away, revealing irregularly shaped swathes of white paper that are now receptive to crayon and watercolors.


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