The newly expanded ChildBridge Center for Education is an innovative and adaptive sensory-sensitive facility designed to reduce anxiety and drive academic learning. For individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as students with severe and profound needs on the autism spectrum, the day school will “bridge” education and each child’s developmental abilities enabling them to reach their fullest potential. 


Approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, the ChildBridge Center for Education collaborates with each child’s home school district and develops an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that provides personalized therapies and intervention services to address the student’s unique educational needs. Our goal is to focus on the education, therapeutic and life skills areas that most directly affect the student.



In 2018-2019, we served 37 students. Little City has opened admissions for a limited number of additional students. Contact us today for more information.

9 out of 10 students we teach have autism. 

In a typical classroom, the teacher to child ratio is 2:5. However, some classrooms may have a 6:5 teacher to child ratio depending on student needs.Contact us today to schedule a private tour of our school.


We provide comprehensive educational services and therapies including computer-based instruction, assistive technology devices and augmentative communication instruction (such as PECS, AAC devices and adaptive apps). All students have access to iPads within their classrooms that are customized to their learning and communication styles. Additionally there is a specially designed playground, a unique recreation center, gymnasium, as well as other leading-edge services.


Little City’s ChildBridge Group Homes and ChildBridge Center for Education participate in the National School Lunch Program.


Little City’s ChildBridge Center for Education believes all students deserve access to a safe learning environment.