Students with disabilities need your help to learn, grow, and thrive!

A note from our Chief Executive Officer

Dear Little City Family and Friends,

What a wonderful summer it has been at Little City. It is incredible to think about how much we’ve accomplished in the span of just a few short months. I have had the privilege of getting to know so many of the hard-working staff, generous donors and committed families over my first summer and they truly are the people who make all these amazing achievements possible.

One of the true joys of this job is being able to share all the success you help make happen here at Little City. In this edition of the Tapestry, you will see just a sample of what has happened over the last few months because of
your support.

Our amazing students returned to school in greater numbers than ever before with a school record of 43 children to start the year. The school’s THRIVE program will expand to four classrooms, giving students with the most profound challenges the one-on-one attention they need in an environment specially designed for them.

While our staff help break barriers in the classroom, our incredible donors helped turn our softball field into a field of dreams. Local businesses including Midwest Field Solutions, Probat Inc., and more teamed together to donate more than $30,000 in labor, materials, and equipment to create a field that is worthy of Little City’s Special Olympics athletes and all the residents and participants who deserve a recreational space to enjoy the outdoors.

Our volunteers also made a big difference this summer, helping in more ways than we could ever hope for. From renovating the Center for Employment & Business Opportunities to hosting a Field Day full of activities for children and just doing the hard and vital work of maintaining and beautifying the campus, volunteers made a big impact throughout the summer. We are grateful to our state officials and elected representatives who helped secure funding for a new Community Integrated Living Arrangement that will open in Hoffman Estates. It has truly been a team effort to make life-changing differences these past few months.

When I first started here, I was told about the special community that really set Little City apart from the rest. But even so, I was not prepared for what that truly meant. It has been inspiring and motivating to see just how much people come together over the shared passion of creating a better future for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

I hope you and your families had a wonderful summer. You certainly helped make a memorable summer here at Little City. Thank you for your continued support of this vibrant community and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together during the rest of 2023!

Grateful for your support,

Marie Newman