Will you help individuals like Susan, Vicky and Diana
overcome the impossible this holiday?

Your support this holiday is so important in changing the way all our participants receive services and are cared for at Little City – always in a safe environment and one that allows each person to succeed. Your generous gift today will make a life-changing difference in the life of a child or adult . . . helping them unwrap their unique potential each day forward!


Susan and Vicky came to Little City more than 20 years ago. Vicky and Susan are housemates at Cedar Home, and both of their needs have increased and require more assistance. But COVID put a halt to the planned renovations for their home, and also postponed a planned home that was being specially setup to support the older women Little City serves.

While those vitally important projects will require support from people like you, Little City has already seen great success in the changes that have taken place in programs and services.



This past July, Little City introduced a new At-Home Day Program that brought staff from behavioral, day program and residential services together to create a more
enriching experience in the home.

The new program has been especially beneficial for 71-year-old Susan who has experienced a gradual physical decline to the point of hip surgery this summer, making it harder for her to leave home. The program also offered her a stronger social circle as she had to go through that major surgery without support from her father or sister, who have not seen her in person since February because of COVID travel restrictions.



Donors who act in these crucial times that can change the future for residents like Diana. Diana just came to Little City in July. She comes from a home where only Spanish is spoken and she is learning to communicate with adaptive technology devices to break language barriers and overcome the challenges of her disability.

In just two months here, Diana is still finding her footing but already becoming more comfortable in expressing her personality and interests. Home manager Maxine Moye said the sky is the limit for Diana who, at only 16, could progress to get a community-based job, be involved in recreational programs and thrive at Little City.

“She can benefit from so much here,” Maxine said. “If you are consistent with her and challenge her, she is great. She is awesome and always willing to try if you are there to give her that push.”


Help unwrap potential today!

2021 will continue to require us to change the way we offer programs and services, and we will continue to welcome more people in need of our care in the days, weeks, and months to come. The gift you donate today will help unwrap the potential in someone just like Susan, Vicky and Diana.