When it comes to providing the best options and opportunities for our residents, keeping homes accessible and expanding their function is a top priority.

As needs change, residents age, or houses begin to show signs of decline the need to renovate homes becomes vital. And recently, thanks to the incredible generosity of donors, the Grosse Pointe Home and Danby Home in Hanover Park underwent essential renovations to improve the accessibility of these homes, increase the quality of life for the residents, and maintain the integrity of the living spaces for years to come!

The Danby Home had a major renovation that saw a complete overhaul of the interior of the home. As Danby residents lived in other CILAs during the 10-month renovation, the home was becoming fully adapted to ADA standards, modernized, and expanded within its footprint to create larger communal spaces and hallways – making it more functional for the aging residents to live comfortably.

“It is an absolutely beautiful, beautiful home,” Trinette Benson, Danby Home manager, said. “The spaces are large enough to comfortably accommodate walkers, the furniture is new, there is an additional bathroom, and the bedrooms are larger, and residents got to choose whether they wanted a roommate or not. They love it.”

A concrete patio in the backyard was also added to improve the outdoor area for these residents.

The Grosse Pointe Home made just as vital renovations, as well – a bathroom was added, the communal space was overhauled to increase function, and an additional bedroom was added… creating space for another future resident to join the home.

As the need grows, increasing space in CILAs will allow for more individuals with developmental disabilities to access the living environment they need and deserve.

“I can’t even tell you how nice it has been,” said Ross Jaske, home manager for Grosse Pointe. “It’s new everything downstairs and another bathroom and bedroom. One family even donated new furniture and a pool table for the space. They absolutely love it.”

When you give today, you are investing in a better quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. Your support makes these life-changing renovations a reality for many throughout their lifetime!