Students with autism learn in many different ways. And as a part of the ChildBridge Center for Education, it is the focus to unlock each student’s unique path to learning new skills. And your support is at the center of this work with the state-of-the-art PAES Lab.

The PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) Lab is a multi-layered lab that provides simulated experiences for individuals with autism to learn new skills, develop independence, help prepare them for community employment, and enable them to discover a new passion.

For students like Tommy (pictured above), that means you are helping him increase his employment potential as he continues to transition into adult programming – helping him work towards reaching his unique potential!

Wyatt, pictured here, has excelled at the production skills in the lab, showing a strong skillset in assembly work. But in order to increase employment potential before he leaves the ChildBridge Center, Wyatt has been focusing on areas where he can improve, such as food service.

When Tommy (pictured here) first started in the lab, he was still learning to properly organize letters in alphabetical order. Now, he is able to sort and organize a rolodex of names from A to Z in roughly two and a half minutes – a milestone good enough for a supported employment position.

When you give generously today, you help provide life-changing solutions just like the PAES Lab for individuals like Tommy and Wyatt — enabling them to grow their unique skillset and prepare them for future community employment!