Time is one of the greatest resources we have at Little City.


You can see all the difference time can make in the participants and residents we serve together. A single school year can lead to life-changing breakthroughs, a few months in the Employee Development Services program can result in someone’s first job, and a season of Special Olympics can create lifelong friendships.


When you give someone enough time, truly remarkable things can happen.


As you will see in the stories included in our 2022 Annual Report, people with developmental disabilities continue to break barriers at Little City and realize their potential in inspiring ways.

That is possible – and has always been possible – because of you.

With a little time, you will see this is only the beginning for creating a more compassionate and equitable world for the people who matter most to us.

Why your support is so vital for individuals with disabilities at Little City & how you can make a significant impact in 2023.

There are so many challenges that children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities face every day.

Challenges to learn … to grow … to find success throughout their lifetimes.

And this year is already presenting more challenges in ensuring those we serve together have the best options and opportunities – always – to reach their unique potential.

The challenge? Recently approved government funding for community-based services for people with disabilities has decreased from the prior year – creating an even more significant gap in funding for these very services and programs
for the vulnerable individuals we serve together.

This is the reality for individuals with disabilities … the ones that call Little City home.

It is also why your support is so vital in funding the gap – ensuring each individual impacted by this mission has the best options and opportunities to reach their unique potential.

For the hundreds served every day, your significant and endless generosity is the difference in changing their lives.

Thank you for always moving this mission forward and enabling so many with disabilities to find success each day.