Illinois is ranked near the bottom in the nation (47th) in its funding commitment for community-based services for people with disabilities – services just like those at Little City.

And funding for these much-needed services decreased from the prior yearcreating an even more significant gap in funding for these programs for our vulnerable individuals with developmental disabilities.

Without full funding, those we serve together are not afforded the quality, scope, or variety of opportunities to reach their unique potential for a lifetimethe life that they deserve! 

Each year, it has been your support that bridges this divide. But this gap has widened for the nearly 1,000 individuals with disabilities that come to Little City . . . and they need your help now more than ever.

Every dollar you give will go towards helping fund the gap right now and enabling us to provide a vibrant community and comprehensive scope of services to individuals with developmental disabilities that are not currently funded.

Thank you for your generous support today to help fund the growing gap – we cannot do this important work without you. 

Parents, Mike and Pattie, know exactly what our programs meant for their daughter, Sam, and how they have changed her life.

For ten years, Sam’s smile has been getting brighter every day every time she opens a new door. But it was that first step at Little City nearly a decade ago that opened a world of potential for her. 

Whether she is in the swimming pool at the recreation center, making new pieces at the Center for the Arts, or growing beautiful plants at the horticulture center – the innovation on this campus has allowed Sam to begin reaching her unique potential. 

“I never knew she could be that social outside of her comfort zone and it’s fun to see,” Pattie said. “She’s definitely just grown so much in those social skills.” 

And now, she is preparing to take the next steps toward community-based employment.  

This is the impact you have right now when you help fund the gap. You are helping hundreds of individuals just like Sam to enable their skills and abilities to innovate through the services and programs across this community.