The Dorothy Rose Horticulture Center enables individuals to develop numerous skills through four main teaching aspects: general horticulture skills, the life cycle of plants, care, and maintenance of indoor plants and outdoor gardening. The program includes workshops and classes for instruction in planting, maintenance, and safety. The program also provides employment opportunities through its annual Plant Sale and Harvest Stand.


Classes are led by Little City’s Horticulture Manager and are held in two greenhouses, as well as on Little City’s campus. Indoor and outdoor season classes include: introduction to horticulture (skill-based learning); outdoor gardening of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers; succulents and cacti; horticulture therapy; herbs; growing vegetables indoors; and raised bed and container gardening.


Little City’s Horticulture Center hosts several events throughout the year where residents, families, and the community at large are invited to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Spring Plant Sale – May
Fall Harvest Stand – August – October
Poinsettia Sale – November-December

Proceeds from these events go right back into our Horticulture program which helps plant the seeds for growth here at Little City. Check back here often for details on these events!