As we celebrate Autism Awareness Month, it’s also a reminder of the challenges that so many individuals with disabilities face.

  • Difficulties with social interaction.
  • High frequency of repetitive and restrictive interests or behaviors.
  • Challenges in communication; even estimating that 40% of people with autism are nonverbal.

They are facing so many obstacles in order to find their voice.

But that’s what support does – it helps individuals with autism find their voice. Just like how you helped Tarik find his and start thriving!

There are so many more children and adults with autism who need those same opportunities. In fact, 90% of those we serve across this vibrant community have an autism diagnosis . . . and they need your help to find their voice.

Please consider making a donation today as we celebrate and support the uniqueness of individuals with autism during this Autism Awareness Month! Your gift will help individuals find their voice and reach their unique potential for a lifetime.

We can’t thank you enough for always celebrating and supporting the individuals with autism that we serve together – We are so grateful for your partnership and generosity in changing so many lives.

April is a time when we celebrate the uniqueness of individuals with autism

Autism can take many forms and each person has their own unique challenges, special talents, and different journeys. For Tarik Echols, that means a world that comes to him in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Tarik came to Little City a decade ago. Though verbal, he has always been shy and withdrawn – making communication with others something that never came naturally and challenged him. But he found his voice at the Center for the Arts where his brushes, colors, and pencils have shown just how much he has to say.

He has not only found his voice, but he is now sharing it with the world.

Since joining the art program, Tarik has become one of the most prominent artists at Little City. His work is being featured as a solo exhibition at Chicago’s Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art through May 14. A truly remarkable achievement.

Even so, his work has garnered national attention being named one of Thrillist’s 16 Best Museum Exhibits to Visit in 2023! Tarik’s work is one of only two Chicago-based museum exhibits to make the list.

“Tarik is fantastic in how his voice comes through in what he does,” said Sam Farchione, facilitator at the Center for the Arts. “The artwork really sets up what he is thinking about. If he has a piece of paper and pencil in his hand, he can show you what he is thinking through his art.”

You helped Tarik reach his unique potential and enabled him to explore creatively.

This is the opportunity that you help realize for individuals with autism . . . a chance for each to find their voice and thrive for a lifetime.