Adult Programs

The adults of Little City participate in a wide range of programs and flourish in settings that support their individual needs. Our services provide participants ages 22 and older with activities enabling them to become more independent, productive and integrated into the community



The residential program for adults provides many 24/7 supported living options on our 56-acre campus and throughout Chicagoland.


Little City believes every person has employable skills and with proper job matching, people are better equipped to reach new levels of independence.


Individuals enjoy participating in focused activities using plant materials to help target physical, cognitive, or psychosocial outcomes.


Little City’s Center for the Arts (CFA) provides children and adults with the opportunity to explore their unique and creative talents.

Adult residential

Little City’s residential living offers a variety of living options, both at Little City and in neighboring communities. These options provide participants with choices and independence.

Our Community Living Facility (CLF) offers apartments in which the resident has a private bedroom and bathroom with a community kitchen and living area. The Supported Living Arrangements (SLA) offers an apartment facility that supports people with mild to moderate challenges. Our Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) provide individuals with the opportunity to live in residential communities in a home environment supported by Little City staff 24/7.


Little City provides job coaching, skill building, job readiness, career exploration and industry specific training to help empower adults with disabilities find and maintain successful employment.

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Even during the pandemic, our Community Day Services are committed to providing adults with activities enabling them to become more independent, productive and integrated into the community. We are taking every precaution possible under the guidelines of Illinois Department of Health including, but not limited to: temperature taking, social distancing, sanitizing, mask wearing and more.


The renowned Center for the Arts is an award-winning program that provides new possibilities for communication and expression. The center cultivates an individual’s unique and creative talents, as well as creates a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. Little City continues to show the community that creativity has no disability.

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The horticulture program at Little City helps develop numerous skills through gardening and landscaping workshops held in two greenhouses and outside throughout our 56-acre campus. Classes include instruction in planting, maintenance and safety. The program also provides employment opportunities.