Adult Residential



Little City offers a variety of living options, both at Little City and in neighboring communities, providing adults the opportunity to make their own life choices, develop independence, integrate into the community and live life to its fullest potential.

Community Living Facility

Our Community Living Facility (CLF) offers apartments in which the resident has a private bedroom and bathroom with a community kitchen and living area. Residents who live in the CLF receive 24/7 staff support. The CLF is a transitional setting where individuals build skills that increase their capabilities in areas of personal grooming and hygiene, cooking, budgeting, community integration and vocational development. All of these activities prepare individuals for independent living.

Supported Living Arrangments

The Supported Living Arrangements (SLA) facility supports people with mild to moderate challenges. These arrangements offer apartments at Little City where adults live by themselves or with a roommate. Individuals in this program are mostly independent and require less help and supervision. We help people with budget skills, grocery shopping or exploring work options. The ultimate goal for people who live in the SLA is to learn the skills that will enable them to live as independently as possible.

Community Integrated Living Arrangements

Our Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) provide individuals with the opportunity to live in residential communities supported by Little City staff 24/7. The residents learn to live as independently as possible in a home environment. Staff assists the residents in cooking, cleaning and participating in community activities. Clinical (mental health and behavioral intervention), recreational (community, campus, and home-based) and medical services are provided to improve quality of life. Presently, Little City owns and operates 15 homes in the northwest suburbs.