Children's Residential



Little City’s ChildBridge Center for Group-Home Living is a therapeutic community fostering independence, growth and learning. We provide first-class, therapeutic programs and services for children with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities including 24/7 residential, clinical care.

About Childbridge Homes

Children at Little City receive a variety of activities that facilitate and promote growth and learning. Based on client-centered assessment and planning process, each child is provided with an Individualized Residential Service Plan and Mental Health Assessment that guides intervention and engagement. Home to over 50 children between the ages of seven to 22, our individuals are provided with a full range of options empowering them develop in all facets of life as they bridge to adulthood.

Duffey Family Children’s Village 

The Duffey Family Children’s Village is a breakthrough, sensory-rich environment that offers a best practice foundation for therapeutic interventions. Today, 80 percent of children living at Little City are on the autism spectrum and the outdated group homes do not meet their needs. The Duffey Family Children’s Village features state-of-the-art homes designed for children with moderate to profound autism.