Vice President of Finance/Controller

Mike Schultz

Mike leads Little City’s Accounting and Finance team in overseeing all daily, monthly and annual reporting of financial information. Mike takes pride in knowing he has been entrusted to safeguard the assets of Little City and make sure they are as financially strong as can be for today and in the future. 

Mike was originally hired by Little City in January of 2023 as Controller, and was promoted to Vice President of Finance seven months later. Prior to Little City, Mike had decades of experience in the non-profit accounting industry including 25 years at the American Osteopathic Association where he was raised to the level of Assistant Controller.  

After starting with Little City in January of 2023, Mike has witnessed first-hand what Little City means to everyone who is involved, from Clients to Staff, to Board Members. He’s proud to be a part of the team that is working to carry out the mission of Little City now and into the future. 

Mike received his Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Business from Augustana College in 1991. He received his MBA from North Park University in 2001. 

Connect with Mike
[email protected]