2022 Autumn Tapestry


History: Denise* came into care in 2015, when she was eight years old after her older brother experienced a mental health crisis while the sibling group was left unattended at home. She was initially placed with an extended family member; however, she struggled in this placement, and she was withdrawn and shutdown. After being in foster care for seven years, Denise was able to connect with her oldest sister through Little City and the two sisters reestablished their relationship.

Services: Denise struggled in her previous placement as she had a lot of trauma to process. Once Little City received her case in 2020, a therapist was assigned to help her process these experiences. She also received special education services from the school district. After moving in with her older sister, she began to open up and reveal her wonderful and goofy personality. Her grades began to improve with more individualized special education supports.

Outcome: Denise’s sister was generous enough to welcome her into her home and then to adopt her in 2023. She is now 16 years old, on the honor roll, and thriving with her family.



 *Name has been changed