The Little City Special Olympics team is having a ball once again.

With state competitions back underway, Little City’s athletes’ renewed sense of competitiveness has led to some of the best results in the “ball sports” in years. A trip to the Special Olympics state bowling competition in December proved successful for two Little City qualifiers as Jeff A. and Jimmy S. finished 7th and 3rd, respectively, in their divisions.

That momentum has only continued to carry forward in other sports as Little City’s basketball teams have gotten off to a start not seen in years. Little City’s Blue and Green teams – both co-ed squads separated into divisions based on skill – have gotten off to undefeated starts this season. The team has found a boost from newcomer David S., who is recently new to Little City in general, as he has injected new energy into the team and brought an impressive skill set including hitting an impressive three-pointer already this season. Meanwhile volunteers like Little City employees Shawn Sullivan and Reuben Rosczyk have helped guide the teams to this uncharted success by coaching on the sidelines.

“Last year basketball was only skill competitions like dribbling and shooting so I think the return to team play and actual competition has really motivated them,” said Malorie Solus, Little City’s head of Special Olympics and recreation. “Both teams are the best we have had in a while and there is a new energy to them.”

The teams are excited to work towards making the state tournament and compete for a state title. Little City’s most successful teams also made some waves as swimming and powerlifting started to practice for their March and April competitions. Two of the biggest stars in Kevin M. and Simone K. (above) were also recently selected to be used in promotional materials for the Special Olympics organization.

Kevin and Simone are just two of the athletes who have made Little City’s powerlifting team one of the best in the state and Malorie said she is still looking for a coach to volunteer to help with the spring 2022 competitions and hopefully help continue the long success at state. Anyone interested can reach out to Malorie at [email protected]. Thank you to all the donors who continue to help Little City’s Special Olympians have a chance to shine and reach their goals.