2022 Autumn Tapestry


History: Henry* entered care in 2015 when he was one year old due to neglect and possible physical abuse/corporal punishment. Henry was placed in the home of his paternal aunt and her wife upon entering care. Henry belongs to a large sibling group of 11 kids. His other siblings were successfully returned home in 2022 to their mom and dad. Henry was adamant that he did not wish to return home to his parents, as he identified his foster moms as his true parents. The court gave Little City a lot of pushback on this, continually saying that Henry was not old enough to make these decisions for himself. 

Services: Following years of therapy and intense advocacy by his Little City therapist, the courts finally agreed that it was in Henry’s best interest to remain where he was and receive guardianship by his paternal aunts. 

Outcome: Henry’s case closed in November of 2023, and he continues to engage in therapy with Little City and do very well in his home. When his therapist had the privilege of telling Henry about his guardianship, he cried “tears of joy” after feeling like someone had finally listened to him and heard his wishes. 

 *Name has been changed