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Walk with the Heroes of Little City!

Register for our 5th Annual Hero Walk today and come celebrate 65 years of creating hope and changing the lives of individuals with disabilities! 

Grab your walking shoes and get ready for a day filled with family-friendly excitement and entertainment! Join our Little City heroes for a leisurely 1-mile walk through Busse Woods from 10:00am to 1:30pm on September 22nd.

Join the Hero Walk today (registration is FREE!) and walk with the heroes of Little City to create unforgettable memories this fall while empowering people with disabilities!

Get your exclusive 2024 Hero Walk t-shirt!

Designed by Erin, one of our Little City artists – get yours and wear it proudly!

Unleash your inner superhero, and become part of a remarkable journey towards inclusivity, empowerment, and endless possibilities! When you donate $30 or more, you’ll receive an EXCLUSIVE Hero Walk T-Shirt designed by Erin, one of our Little City artists, as a token of our appreciation!

Donate NOW to proudly wear and showcase your commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities!

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Sponsor the Hero Walk!

There are a variety of ways to support the Little City Hero Walk, including sponsorship. Learn more about these opportunities below.

Help support the Heroes of Little City by sponsoring the Hero Walk!

It is your generous sponsorship that helps provide the best options and opportunities for hundreds of individuals with disabilities to reach their unique potential every single day!

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