The Fergus family was in a moment of crisis. Whether it was their then 10-year-old son Marty’s teacher, speech pathologist or social worker, their entire support team urged them to find a place that would not only help Marty, but their entire family.

When Gil and Betty Fergus found Little City, they found their answers.

“We are very fortunate to have Little City and to have Marty there,” Gil said.

Over the past 22 years, the Fergus family has become committed supporters of this vibrant community – serving in the Parent, Family, Guardian group, on event committees and currently on the Little City Board of Directors. And during all that time of giving, they have felt more connected to the mission as they’ve seen how their donations have made positive change.

From seeing the building of the school in 2011, the launch of a children’s village in 2013 and the expansion of services with the Countryside merger in 2016, Gil and Betty have seen firsthand how their own efforts and donations have made a positive impact for people with developmental disabilities since they first arrived.

But there is still work to be done. And Gil and Betty are invested.

Planned giving is one other way they are staying involved for years to come. By being members of the Abraham & Judith Bohrer Heritage Society, Gil and Betty are leaving a legacy to impact the life of Marty and all those with developmental disabilities for years to come.

The Fergus’ certainly shares in the care of their loved one, but they encourage so much more.

“I think about the early founders of Little City when families had nothing available. The government was providing what they needed,” Gil said. “They had to provide and found a way. I think families today still have such an important role to play, especially in fundraising. My advice would be to give what you can and just as importantly ask people you know to help.”

For more information on joining the Abraham & Judith Bohrer Heritage Society, visit or email Tina Maraccini at [email protected]