If there is an expectation, Josh will surpass it.   

From graduating District 211’s transition program, enrolling in Harper College’s Career Skills Institute and even joining the school’s wind symphony as a trombone player, Josh has always set goals and worked to accomplish them.  

It was no different when it came to pursuing community-based employment after graduation. But while Josh had all the skills needed to succeed in a work environment, his speech delays and challenges prevented him from interviewing well.  

And that is where your support came in to help Josh.  

Josh working at his job

Because of support from donors like you, Josh was provided with the best resource in Dan Brueck and Little City’s Employment First team.  

Dan, a job developer at Little City, said Josh had been one of the most prepared and eager clients he ever worked with during his five years at Little City. Improving the interview experience was the only hurdle for Josh to clear. After practicing interviews, going through mock questions and working to help him open up, Josh was ready.  

Josh landed his job in January at SIPI Asset Recovery after an interview went so well that they hired him on the spot. Josh started as a sorter, working two days a week organizing laptops and electronic equipment. But he quickly showed his ability and received a promotion within three months.  

“If it weren’t for Little City and the help from Dan, I am not sure Josh would have secured the job on his own,” said Josh’s mother, Melissa.  

He now works three days a week and helps disassemble and assemble laptops and electronic equipment and can even wipe security software from hardware. Dan said he will continue to work with Josh on-site at times over the next six months because of the standard 12-month process a job developer works through with a client, but Josh has already exceeded expectations. 

“He’s made such great progress and I am really, really proud of him,” Dan said. “It is really rewarding when you see someone not only get a job, but get a job they enjoy, and Josh absolutely loves it. It has been a joy getting a chance to work with him.” 

Melissa said the job has been a life-changing step for Josh and he is so happy with the work he does. She said as his skills continue to develop, she could even see him get more full-time work in areas like data entry or other computer-related careers. 

“Every time I pick him up, he has a smile on his face and says it has been a great day.”