Alex was welcomed into this vibrant community just this past January. But his transition was incredibly difficult, especially for someone who has the highest intensity behaviors.

But Alex had a perfect match with his teacher at the ChildBridge Center for Education, Greg Prout.

The challenging transition for Alex was lessened once Greg was able to develop a relationship early on with him and help him begin to grow in his new environment.

“Greg has always been able to work with our students who have the highest intensity behaviors, and all those students show tremendous growth,” said Phil Siegel, school principal.

“His ability to come back each day with the same energy and commitment is really impressive and the resiliency he shows kind of gets passed on to his students who show that same resiliency in their own challenges. Alex is so comfortable in Greg’s presence and that grows every day.”

Greg said he has always enjoyed working with the most challenging students because while there are bad days, the good days and good moments mean that much more. For Alex, he has already grown in tangible ways in a short amount of time.

From communicating to transitioning between classes or even from home to school, Alex has improved in almost every facet.

“There is always something new and some things surprise you in a good way and others in a not so good way,” Greg said. “But I love seeing Alex come to school. He always has a smile on his face and there is always an opportunity to work on something with him.”

Just three months in, Alex still has a long way to go. But connections with teachers like Greg means the potential is great.

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